About Tzohar

Our Mission

The goals of the Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus and the Arts are to provide young women with a rich curriculum of advanced Jewish learning, to foster personal growth, to nurture the creative talents of its students in a Torah environment and to instruct and guide them to create art which will disseminate the light of Chassidus.

About Tzohar

“Tzohar taaseh L’teivah” — Hashem instructs Noach to make a Tzohar for the ark.

What does Tzohar mean?

Rashi gives two explanations: a) It was a window to let light in to the ark; b) it was a precious stone that emitted light. The Previous Rebbe draws a distinction between these two explanations; a window allows light in from the outside, while a precious stone radiates from within.

The Rebbe explains that this is a message to each one of us to create a “Tzohar” in our lives, a way to reveal the G-dly energy within the universe. This requires a two-step process, mirroring the idea inherent in a window, and in the quality of a precious stone.

a) First, an individual strives to make a “window” in his or her life– allowing the Divine to illuminate every field of endeavor. b) Then each undertaking becomes a “precious stone” – as the enterprise itself starts to radiate G-dly energy to the world.

At Tzohar Seminary, Chassidus illuminates the study of the arts, and then our students’ enthusiasm and G-d given talents allows the beauty of Torah to radiate within their creative endeavors. Through the arts: writing, music, dance, fine arts, theatre and filmmaking; the students create performances, projects, productions and works of art that communicate Torah and Chassidus to a greater audience.

Our program includes community involvement as well. Students teach the arts in our local day schools and provide a creative outlet for the children within a Jewish framework.

Tzohar provides students with the knowledge and training to be able to use art in the best possible way – as a means to express G-dliness. Whether it is through writing or illustrating Jewish children’s books, composing Jewish music, writing and directing original productions and films, students have the opportunity to develop skills that will assist them in their future endeavors – whatever form it may take.

We are looking for creative, talented post high school, seminary aleph or bais students, who are serious about their study of Torah and Chassidus and who will serve as positive role models in our community.